About Your Accountant

As a team, Tracy and Norman have a complimentary skillset and enjoy working together and with clients to meet their individual accounting needs. They know clients appreciate that they can contact them whenever they have any accounting query or to fix a small problem before it becomes a big one. Tracy and Norman can be flexible with appointment times and clients especially love dealing with the same person on an on-going basis.

Tracy Coldicott

With over 25 years in accounting practices in Invercargill & Nelson, Tracy has a wealth of knowledge and experience assisting clients with their tax obligations. She gets great job satisfaction from offering a personal service to clients, understanding their requirements and then being able to work alongside them to take the stress out of their accounting responsibilities. She can prepare your annual Financial Statements and tax returns, as well as GST and other IRD compliance requirements.

I get satisfaction knowing I’ve helped with a process that people are sometimes quite daunted by, especially if they’re new to it.

Norman Coldicott

Norman is able to provide clients with real-world consultancy, as well as software set up, training and support, thanks to a career that spans over 35 years primarily working for commercial clients including an ongoing relationship with fishing giant, Sanford Ltd.

I’ve always been one to make things more productive and find more efficient, easier ways to do things. It’s a common issue for businesses who haven’t set up good systems and processes, or who are experiencing exponential business growth. Invariably, you’ve got to find smarter ways of doing things.